Sunday, 19 August 2007

New Canna Group on the Web

A new web discussion group has been formed on Yahoo, devoted to hybridisers of Cannas. The group has been started by Malcolm McFarland, a Canna collector and enthusiastic amateur hybridiser. The Group front page is below along with a link to the new group for any interested in joining.


A group for those who love and grow Cannas with a real focus on those who hybridize, amateur or professional.

Don't be shy, share your photo's of any new hybrid you have created.

If you need help with an ID or a specific Canna you want to get your hands on! We may be able to point you in the right direction.

We want to know what you are doing.

Trade discussion is allowed, show common sense and not post your address to the whole group, go private email for that.

All questions will be answered no matter how small.

Tell us how to make the group better! It is your group :-) We all have opinions and they are all valued here.

Look out for freebies from time to time! WHAT! Yes freebies :-))

Don't forget to check out the links, you might find some of them useful?

Each month I will change the photo that you see on the right! Want yours to be it???? Send them in :-))

Finally, over the next few months I will be adding large albums of various Canna photo's I have taken on my travels, also some high quality photo's of various Canna collections. So spread the word............:-))


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