Thursday, 28 June 2007

The elements are winning!

Britain is bracing itself for more heavy rain over the coming days as fears grow that this week's devastating floods may have claimed another two lives.

Four people have already died in the flooding, which has forced hundreds of people in Yorkshire and the Midlands from their homes. The river Severn is about 150 metres away from our home, and we have never seen it that close before. Judge Dickinson, a friend of Margaret's, drowned when his Volvo was stuck in a ford, then overwhelmed by the flood waters raging down. A good man, now gone.

As the Queen sent a message of support to those affected by the devastating floods, there appeared to be no let up for rain-lashed Britain.

The Met Office has issued an early warning of severe weather, with further rain and showers forecast to sweep across parts of the UK later this week and through the weekend.

Our Cannas are in a state of total confusion. No more than 25% have decent foliage, everything else is showing bad stress marking. We have a miniature C. 'Laura Daleboe' that normally grows to 30cm (12 inches), which at 10cm (4 inches) is trying to flower. Obviously, very badly stressed.

Tomorrow, Friday, will be a rain-free day and sunshine is forecast, which will dry out some of the worst sufferers, but Saturday and Sunday are promised to be worse than anything we have yet experienced.

Two days ago we had the longest day of the summer. So far, we have been able to sit out late on three nights, and this summer is turning into a tragedy. The Cannas are about a month behind themselves as far as growth is concerned. There are so many trying to flower at an early stage, a sure sign of a plant in distress. We have had to bring all of this years seedlings back indoors, as they cannot survive this volume of cold rain. Many planted out rhizomes are failing and I am digging them back up and bringing them back indoors for intensive care treatment.

Upside? They are forecasting the hottest August on record. OK, bring it on! But first, we have to endure the remains of June and who knows what July holds out for us?

And there are still people out there who insist that there is nothing wrong!

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